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Knockout Fitness is the creation of Frank Wood. Frank has been active in the sport of boxing since 1991, when he began his amateur career through the United States Amateur Boxing Association.

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The world of boxing has been heralded for producing some of the fittest athletes in sports. The quality of a boxer's workout has received much attention nationwide and has taken a prominent place in the world of fitness as an effective and complete total body workout. Under the Knockout Fitness program, our clients have seen dramatic results in toning, weight loss and endurance.

At Knockout Fitness we strive to provide you professional and knowledgeable boxing fitness training in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Knockout Fitness offers a fully-equipped boxing gym including a 20' boxing ring, cardio equipment and free weights.

Boxing for fitness is a fun, easy to learn workout that will get you mentally and physically into the best shape of your life. The benefits are upper and lower body strength, coordination, various punching, kicking and self defense techniques, cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

When compared to other exercise programs you will find that Knockout Fitness will give you superior results. Burning fat and calories comes naturally and looking fit and trim is the reward.

Here is what one of our clients, a top strength and conditioning coach has to say:

"Andy Williams"

"I have trained athletes from all-state to all-pro and there is no other fitness program that boosts the heart rate and metabolism as fast as Frank's boxing program does."

— Andy Williams, USA weightlifting certified, former strength and conditioning coach Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Tennessee State University.

Statistics overwhelmingly point to ways exercise helps the body—from lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes to preventing many forms of cancer. It helps keep your bones and joints in working order and keeps back problems away. Women can also combat bone loss, depression, breast cancer and more.

Studies also show that exercise provides for an improved state of mind by raising levels of important chemicals in the brain such as endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin.