About Us

Boxer Frank Wood

Knockout Fitness is the creation of Frank Wood. Trying to find a way to maintain the rigorous training schedule of a professional fighter, Frank decided the best way to stay in the gym was to offer his training regimen to the public, so in 1995 Knockout Fitness was created. Knockout Fitness had modest beginnings, opening its first gym in the basement of a rental house, but as the demand for Frank's customized boxing workout grew, so did Knockout Fitness! Knockout Fitness is now in its 20th year of business and provides an over 2000 square foot, fully equipped boxing gym including a regulation sized 20' boxing ring. During that same time, Frank's professional career also took off and he successfully fought across the United States and internationally from 1995 until his retirement in 2006, compiling a 26-4 record with 18 knockouts. In addition to the hundreds of clients Knockout Fitness has helped in boxing fitness, the authenticity of the Knockout Fitness gym has also been a top spot to train for the likes of professional fighters Felix Trinidad, Oliver McCall, Jermain Taylor and Riddick Bowe, and has been an ideal backdrop for music videos, print and television location shoots.

What to expect at your first workout

Please arrive a few minutes early as you will be asked to complete a short enrollment form. Dress comfortably in workout attire and shoes. Knockout Fitness provides all equipment, including training gloves and will give you your first pair of hand wraps, which will be professionally wrapped on your hands by our trainer. In your first workout you will be provided instructional technique and introduction to the equipment and its purpose. You will be instructed on how to hold your hands, throw punches and where to place your feet. As you work your way through the circuit, you will be encouraged to perform at your own fitness level and pace.